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Aero Dynamic Notes


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Listed below are scanned images of my Aero Dynamics course at KSU. This page will be updated throughout the semester. I will try to edit the majority of my notes to only include aircraft design. There are alot of facets involved in designing an airplane from scratch, so keep in mind that these notes are not as complete as a aerodynamics text would be. Before I began my engineering curriculum I was interested in the dynamics of flight, and I was constantly looking for a source that would not be completely "over my head". I believe that these notes will enable a person with enough desire to learn how to create their own basic designs.

Copyright 2001 Dr. B. Terry Beck as to this syllabus and all lectures. Students are prohibited from distributing or selling (or being paid for taking) notes taken during this course to or by any person or commercial firm without the express written permission of the professor teaching this course.

I'm not making any money off of this site, so permission to post my notes has been granted. Thank you Dr. Beck!

Notes for 9/19/01




Notes for 9/24/01