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Mig 15 Construction (1 of 2)
Mig 15 Construction (2 of 2)
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Mig 15 Construction Page (1 of 2)

Update 12/23/01:
Well, I finally got some time to start putting the pieces of the prototype together. I emailed a .dxf file of the fuselage formers and ribs to Doug at Mountain Models to cut out on his laser cutting machine, I've got to get one of those babies, the parts that were cut out are perfect. Thanks Doug! Anyway, I started gluing the fuselage together a few days ago, along with one wing half, and everything seems to be going as planned. Sometimes when you design something on the computer and then get some actual plans/parts in front of you, you can be surprised by the scale of things. The duct is make of 1/32" balsa sheeting made in halves by wrapping the balsa around some half circle formers, and then gluing the fuselage formers around them. These two halves were then glued together after installing the GWS EDF 50 between them, and the 1/16" sq. stringers were added to basically give the rounded shape of the Mig 15.

Built up fuselage sitting on top of an overall print out

A back view of the fuselage showing the GWS EDF 50 ready for action

A picture of the fuselage with one half the wing place over the diehedral brace

Update 01/07/02:
Had some more time lately to get a few more things together.
The updated pictures show the other wing half (both minus the ailerons), the vertical stabilizer, and horzontal stabilizer. The other main thing I've been working on is the canopy. I built a vacuum forming bed, got some thin plastic, heated it up, and well, there you go. If I get some more time I'll do a page on building a vacuum forming bed. Right about now the plane weighs 2.4 oz, that includes everything you see plus the GWS EDF 50.

Almost fully framed Mig 15 side view

Nifty, huh?

close up of aileron setup

aileron details

Partially coverd Mig 15 with canopy