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A few pictures and a video of the Mig 15 test flight (05/26/02).

I finally had a chance to fly it today (05/26/02), and all I can say is, WOW! I'm only running a 6 cell 270 mah NiMH battery pack and it hauls ass. It gains altitude from just a very weak hand launch. I honestly could not be more satisflied. Its definitely quite a bit faster than my GWS fuselage version litestick, and would smoke a Tiger Moth. It even glides good! Its nice to see all the work pay off. I originally took it out to fly this evening with the idea that it would probably be under powered and that it could be flown in a small grass lot next to my house. Welp, I took it out to said small lot just to do some powered test glides and boy was I wrong. It instantly picked up speed, never dropped an inch of altitude, I soon found out that my small flying field was inadequate, IT WAS TOO FAST. There is a video posted on the bottom of this page so you don't have to take my word for it.

                         Mig 15 Video                       

Mig 15 Video can be found on, click on the link just below this text

                         Mig 15 Pictures                       







The video clips here are fairly short and low quality, but still give a good idea of the flight characteristics