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Mig 15 Construction (2 of 2)
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Mig 15 Construction Page (2 of 2)

Update 01/25/02:
I had some more time this weekend, so I decide to cover the fuselage. This proved to take some time until I determined what I thought was the best way to go about it. Instead of trying to cover the entire fuselage in one piece, multiple sections of covering seemed to be the best way to obtain a good looking job. The thing that makes this a unique task, is that the fuselage is both round and tapered. Anyway, for being my first attempt at covering a fuselage like the Mig, I think it turned out all right.

Isometric view of the fully covered Mig15

Side view of the fully covered Mig15


In my mind, to look like a Mig 15 the horizontal stabilizer and elevator couldn't be altered to make construction and linkage attachment easier. Therefore, the connection of the two elevator halves was one of the first design issues I had when beginning the preliminary planning for the Mig. Some other designs of aircraft with similar tail configurations only use one of the elevator halves to control the pitch of the plane. That really didn't work for me, since I wanted to design an aircraft that would fly more like a sport model with a positive control feel. In short the picture shows both halves hooked up to a small flexible cable that runs the length of the fuselage and curves up through the vertical stabilizer and exits out the back. The cable works surprisingly smooth for the type of routing, and won't cause any binding problems for a low torque micro servo.

Top view of the fully covered Mig15