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Mike's park/slow/indoor RC flyers
Lite Stik (Fuselage Version) Page


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A few pictures and video of the Lite Stik.

Lite Stik Fly By


click here to play video

Available from Horizon Hobby
Wingspan = 37"
Wing Area = 237
Flying Weight ~ 7.06 to 9.47 oz
Wing Loading ~ 4.25 oz./ sq.'
Length = 26.2

Components Used (not included):
Hitec HS-55 servos
GWS receiver
Castle Creations Pixie 7P speed control

Styrofoam Fuselage
Foam Composite flying surfaces (Meat tray foam)
IPS-DX2BB-AXCS GWS gearbox and motor
Instruction Manual
Plane is designed to fly with rudder, elevator, and throttle

The glue supplied in the kit takes forever to dry, so toss it in the trash and use some 5min epoxy. I couldn't get the plane to balance no matter how far I move the equipment forward (without modification). I've heard of others having the same problem. My solution was to move the motor out further on a longer stick. See the pictures below, the motor is outside of the cowling.
Besides that, piece of cake.

The plane flies excellent, and has plenty of power. This plane will fly in a SLIGHT breeze, so when its just barely too windy for my StarLITE, I can still get some flights in. My only complaint would be that the Lite Stik's wing would probably fold in a loop, or any other violent maneuver when using the included method to join the wing halves. This can be remedied by several methods... Perform a search on to see what everyone is doing to correct this problem. If you just want to fly, you won't have any problems.

Lite Stik Pictures




The video clips here are fairly short and low quality, but still give a good idea of the flight characteristics